Businesses often find themselves in a bend when planning short – term projects, because they are not equipped with the specialized equipment necessary to meet short–range goals. And it is difficult to justify the capital expenditure for expensive technology when it is only required for a limited time.

But Bright Stone provide the flexibility and peace of mind for your business requirements to focus on what is really important.

Along with the most popular rental items like laptops and LCD projectors, Bright Stone also offers audio equipment, and networking solutions. And on top of the hardware we also give the technical support your business needs to make your enterprise a successful one.

We provide complete computer solutions which includes, Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Projectors, UPS. We provide the best computer rental equipment available backed by our service and qualified technicians. Once any product given on rent the maintenance will be done by Bright Stone and will be delivered at your door step. We invite you to share your required task and allow us the opportunity to provide a successful solution. Rest assured that our technical service team is behind every rental product for you.

We have extensive inventory of branded computers (IBM, HP ,DELL etc) as well as non branded computers, we provide business with short term technology rental solutions for few days, weekly, monthly up to a year. Our experience and expertise helps our customers have a complete computing experience, total peace of mind and significant cost savings... your infrastructure.

Renting projectors from Bright Stone is fast and easy. The EPSON Projector is one of many projector rentals available from Bright Stone.

If our engineer is not able to solve the problem in time or if it is time consuming we will provide a replacement equipment immediately.

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